1. The Engineer

Script by Tristan Roulot - Art by Luc Brahy

Meet Jack Irons. He’s a cold son-of-a-bitch, but he’s got a gift. He can look at a disaster—a fallen bridge, a collapsed skyscraper—and see everything: the physics, the material stresses, the behind-the-scenes insight into how it all went wrong, claiming lives and property. Makes sense: he’s a structural engineer. And when he applies his brilliant, analytical mind to crimefighting, then the truth will out. Because that’s what he cares about. Not people. Not feelings. The truth. And the truth is about to turn a little Canadian fishing village upside down…

“You feel the layout and personality of this town and it’s inhabitants at every swipe of the guided view. There really are some breathtaking panels that you could stare at all day. I am genuinely in awe of how he does this. ” Never Iron Anything