Jack Wolfgang

3. Hunter of a Different Stripe

Script by Stephen Desberg - Art by Henri Reculé

Jack had been looking forward to a weekend getaway in Krakow with his girlfriend, Antoinette. Fine dining, Christmas markets, romance in a swanky hotel—life can be sweet sometimes. But when your love is a professional assassin, things can also quickly go sour. For Antoinette, it was a working holiday: she gets her man, a nasty billionaire at the head of a secret organization, but loses Jack in the process. There’s no time for tears—at least not yet—as the billionaire’s murder is linked to the death of an American dog in Cairo, an art gallery in San Diego, and a perverse secret society in London. Animals may have achieved the same heights of intelligence as humans, but they also share in their capacity for cruelty—unless Jack and Antoinette have their say.