Spirou in Berlin

Spirou in Berlin

Script by Flix - Art by Flix

Spirou and Fantasio are caught up in another amazing adventure, set in a real historical context. It’s summer 1989, a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the evil Zantafio is trying to take over East Germany. When he kidnaps the Count of Champignac, our two heroes find out and try to rescue him. But to do that, they have to cross Europe’s most heavily guarded border. East Germany’s notorious Secret Police, the Stasi, are soon hot on their trail, and Fantasio is arrested. So Spirou now has to free his friend as well as foil Zantafio’s diabolical scheme.

“The cartooning is outstanding. The time period setting adds to the tale and, for those among us who remember the end of Cold War, creates an extra bit of nostalgia.

If you’ve never read a Spirou book before, you won’t be lost starting here.” Pipeline Comics