Water Memory

Water Memory V1

Script by Mathieu Reynès - Art by Valérie Vernay

Marion starts a new life when she moves into the family house that her mother has recently inherited. She waves goodbye to city life and hello to a life by the sea, in the village where her grandparents lived for over 30 years. And it’s just magical: a fantastic view and the beach just at the end of the garden. In the village, the older residents seem to have fond memories of Marion’s grandfather, who died long before she was born. Now’s her chance to find out more about her family history, about which, until now, she knew practically nothing. And then there are those sculpted rocks which are apparently a trace of forgotten legends…

But when strange events start happening in her life, Marion soon realizes that all is not as it seems… This is an enchanting fantasy about a family secret and ancient maritime legends.

Now available in print from Lion Forge