Aimée de Jongh

Artist & Scriptwriter

Aimée de Jongh is a Rotterdam-based comics artist, animator, and illustrator, whose style is a mix of manga and the Franco-Belgian school. She has become one of the most accomplished figures in Dutch comics, building an impressive résumé in the span of only a few years, including a daily comic strip in a nationwide newspaper (Snippers), an animated short shown in major movie theaters, and an internationally successful graphic novel (De terugkeer van de Wespendief, 2014). De Jongh was born in 1988 in Waalwijk (southern Netherlands) and began her career in the small press scene. Her first comics appeared in 2004, when she participated in the Fanthology contest for Dutch manga artists. She gained further attention after being among the final contestants in the 2006 comics contest held by Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool. Since then, she has been on a constant rise. She has led seminars in manga, anime, and comics, and has served as the spokeswoman of the manga collective Mangafique. In 2018, with publisher Dargaud, she created the striking graphic novel Obsolescence programmée de nos sentiments (Blossoms in Autumn, Europe Comics/SelfMadeHero), alongside accomplished scriptwriter Zidrou. Her most recent work includes the Great Depression-era drama Jours de sable (Dargaud; Days of Sand, Europe Comics). Her other graphic novels published in English include Taxi: Stories from the Back Seat (Conundrum Press) and The Return of the Honey Buzzard (SelfMadeHero).

Country of origin: Netherlands Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)