Antonello Dalena


Antonello Dalena got his start by illustrating short stories for Disney (Mickey, Donald Duck). He also drew character designs for the cartoon production society Artoonic. Then he became a student of Alessandro Barbucci, illustrator of SkyDoll (Soleil), and discovered the Frenco-Belgian bande dessinée. Impressed by his abilities, Barbucci entrusted him with two volumes of Monster Allergy (Tunué; Insight/Europe Comics in English). Eventually, alongside Guillaume Bianco, he illustrated his first entire series, Ernest & Rebecca (Le Lombard; Papercutz/Europe Comics in English), which won an award at Angouleme in 2013. He alternated the illustration of Ernest & Rebecca with the series Sybil, la fée cartable (Le Lombard), written by Michel Rodrigue. A young prodigy of the Italian school, Dalena is an artist who doesn’t impose on himself any specific stylistic identity, in order to find his own graphic personality, between manga and animation. His most recent work is Hercule, agent intergalactique (Le Lombard; Hercules Intergalactic Agent, Europe Comics, 2019).

Country of origin: Italy Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)