Béka is a code name -- almost like a scientific formula that two Toulouse-based science students could have come up with together. Béka, in fact, is, the special alchemy created by Caroline Roque and Bertrand Escaich. Caroline was preparing her doctoral degree in biology while Bertrand was beginning to write scripts for comics. When she wasn't studying molecules, Caroline was writing novels and short stories that would soon be adapted into film. When one of her stories won a top prize in a Toulouse festival, the temptation to devote herself to full-time writing became too strong, and Caroline and Bertrand became a fully-fledged writing duo. Together they have worked on several successful series, including Chinn (Bamboo), and, recently, the first volume of Filles uniques (Dargaud Benelux, Europe Comics for the English edition, under the title The Misfits Club for Girls).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)