Véro Cazot


Not very keen on oral expression, French writer Véronique (Véro) Cazot had to learn very early on to use a pen, then a keyboard, to write all kinds of things: love letters, letters of motivation, trailers for television, sketches for a one-woman show, and screenplays of movies and series... She then expanded into scriptwriting for comics as well. Author of the humorous two-part series Et toi, quand est-ce que tu t'y mets?, she continued her journey with two graphic novels: Les petites distances and Betty Boob, which won numerous awards including the FNAC BD prize in 2018 and a selection at the Eisner Awards in 2019. She was brought on by Dupuis in 2020 to give life to the series Olive (Europe Comics in English), illustrated by Lucy Mazel.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)