Cédric Babouche


Born on December 18, 1976, in Savigny-sur-Orge, France, Cédric Babouche graduated from the École d'art Olivier de Serres in Paris, before going on to specialize in animation at the Émile Cohl school. Determined to lead a life outside of any routine, he first broke through with the poetic La Routine, his first animated film, which he completed at the end of his studies. His second short film was Imago, a landmark creation that would be selected and awarded at more than 130 festivals. A teacher of comics and animation at the Émile Cohl school, he then became a director and the artistic director of the Dandeloo company for which he developed both short films and feature films. His work for television includes the series Ernest and Célestine, and he has also stayed active in comics, notably with the engrossing World War I tale Le Chant du Cygne (Le Lombard; Swan Song, Europe Comics), alongside Xavier Dorison and Emmanuel Herzet.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Cinebook (UK)