Christophe Simon


Christophe Simon developed his interest for traveling and drawing at a very young age. These passions would soon come together when he visited historic sites in Italy for the first time. He began learning all he could about the ancient civilizations of the region, and focused his drawing on the subject as well. Simon studied comics art at the Fine Arts Academy of Châtelet (Belgium) before meeting Jacques Martin, the creator of the historical saga Alix, who would become Simon’s mentor. Simon would go on to take the lead on several volumes of the series before moving on to new projects of his own. Following work on such series as Sparte and Corentin with Le Lombard, Simon has most recently teamed with scriptwriter Jean Van Hamme for Kivu, a captivating drama set in the Congo (Le Lombard 2018; Europe Comics/Cinebook in English 2019).

Country of origin: UK Europe Comics Publisher: Cinebook (UK)