Claire Bouilhac

Artist & Scriptwriter

Claire Bouilhac is an illustrator, scriptwriter, and colorist from the Paris suburbs. In 1994, Bouilhac helped create Francis blaireau farceur, written by Jake Raynal, in order to help start the publishing house Cornelius. Then she joined the team of the monthly magazine Fluide Glacial, where she was the first female illustrator. There, again alongside Jake Raynal, she created the flamboyant character Melody Bondage. In 2007, it was alone that she joined the team of Spirou, with Maud Mutante, a young girl able to change into everything and anything. Bouilhac illustrated several books along with Catel, mostly portraits of women and feminists, from Rose Valland, capitaine Beaux-Arts (Dupuis, 2009) to Adieu Kharhov (Dupuis, 2015). She now illustrates the weekly page Trait in the magazine Le Vif/Weekend in Belgium. Her most recent work is La princesse de Clèves (Dargaud; The Princess of Clèves, Europe Comics), along with Catel.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)