Xavier Dorison


Xavier Dorison was born in 1972. After three years of business school, during which he launched a college comic book festival, he started writing Troisième testament (Glénat), a series illustrated by Alex Alice. Following that, he worked with Mathieu Lauffray on the series Prophet (Humanoïdes Associés), and then with Christophe Bec on Sanctuaire (Humanoïdes Associés). In a very short time, Xavier Dorison carved out his status in the world of Franco-Belgian comics, which was confirmed by W.E.S.T. (Dargaud; Spooks, Cinebook), co-written with Fabien Nury for one of the biggest names in realism, artist Christian Rossi. In 2007, he teamed up once more with Mathieu Lauffray for Long John Silver (Dargaud, Cinebook in English), which also met with huge success. In 2008, publisher Dargaud called on Dorison to write the script of the first volume of XIII Mystery (published in English by Cinebook and Europe Comics), a spin-off of the famous series XIII. The artwork was done by Ralph Meyer, and this would be the beginning of another prolific collaboration, including the Viking epic Asgard (Dargaud, Europe Comics in English). In 2014, with Thomas Allart, Dorison produced H.S.E. (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English), a tale of suspense about the downward spiral of an ultraliberal society. He then teamed with Cédric Babouche and Emmanuel Herzet for Le Chant du Cygne (Le Lombard; Swan Song, Cinebook/Europe Comics). As an author with a high output, Dorison tends to work on several comic book series at the same time. Switching with ease between the aforementioned series, and his latest and greatest success Undertaker (Dargaud, Europe Comics), he's proven his ability to work with genres varying from adventure to westerns to historical drama, without ever losing the energy of the plot line and the structural solidity that characterize his work. It thus comes as no great surprise to know that he was entrusted with a recent volume of one of the all-time biggest adventure series of Franco-Belgian comics, the legendary Thorgal (Le Lombard, Europe Comics/Cinebook in English). He has also made a splash with his latest work, the historical fantasy series Aristophania (Dargaud, Europe Comics), created alongside Joël Parnotte.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)