Philippe Aymond


Born in Paris in 1968, Philippe Aymond decided on a career in comic books at an early age and obtained a degree in fine arts. In 1989, he was hired on by Jean-Claude Mézières at the Canal Choc studio, founded by Mézières along with Pierre Christin, and where Hugues Labiano was already on the payroll. Aymond soon began to illustrate stories by Christin, who became his regular scriptwriter for the next ten years. In 1994, Christin published the innovative L'Homme qui fait le tour du monde at Dargaud, based on his travels around the world, with Aymond collaborating with Max Cabanes on the artwork for the text-heavy volume. Still working with Christin, Aymond went on to publish Les Voleurs de villes at Dargaud in 1997. At the start of the new millennium, he teamed up with a new scriptwriter, Bollée, with whom he launched the cataclysmic saga Apocalypsemania (Dargaud). He soon caught the attention of Jean Van Hamme, and the veteran scriptwriter, taken with Aymond's elegant and sober drawing style, asked him to illustrate a new series of his, featuring the enigmatic Lady S (Dupuis). More recently, Aymond joined with Christin yet again in 2018 to create Est-Ouest (Dupuis; East-West, Europe Comics), which chronicles Christin's time in the US and in Cold War-era Europe, behind the Iron Curtain.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)