Zidrou (Benoît Drousie) was born in 1962 in Brussels. Starting out as a teacher, he began writing books and songs for children in the early ’90s. In 1991, he met the illustrator Godi with whom he created L'Elève Ducobu (Le Lombard; Ducoboo, Cinebook). And thus his career as a comics writer began! He created numerous series for children and teenagers, from Crannibales to Tamara and Sac à Puces, all with Dupuis, as well as Scott Zombi, published by Casterman. Zidrou also took over the series La Ribambelle (Dargaud). With Dargaud as well, he is the author of the more realistic but no less sensitive La Peau de l'ours (Bearskin, Europe Comics), Le Client (The Client, Europe Comics), Lydie (Europe Comics in English), Les Folies Bergère (Europe Comics in English), La Mondaine (Vice Squad, Europe Comics), and Les 3 Fruits. In 2015, Zidrou was back in fine form with three new titles published by Dargaud, across multiple genres: Bouffon, with Francis Porcel; a new family series called Les Beaux Étés, with Jordi Lafebre (Glorious Summers, Europe Comics); and, in collaboration with Philippe Berthet, a thriller set in the deepest and darkest regions of Australia, Le Crime qui est le tien (A Hell of an Innocent, Europe Comics). Most recently, with Le Lombard he has also completed the African Trilogy with artist Raphaël Beuchot (Le Lombard/Europe Comics), including Le Montreur d'histoires (Once Upon a Time in Africa), Tourne-disque (Turntable) and Un tout petit bout d'elles (A Little Piece of Her), as well as rebooting the classic thriller series Ric Hochet alongside artist Simon Van Liemt (Le Lombard; Europe Comics in English). In 2017, he embarked on yet another new series with José Homs, the fantastic adventure saga Shi (Dargaud, Europe Comics in English) stretching across two centuries in England, and his bibliography grew further with the publication of the wonderfully surreal Natures mortes (Dargaud; The Muse, Europe Comics). One of the most prolific comics scriptwriters of our time, his work continues to surprise and delight with each new creation.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)