ROUND TABLE – European Comics: A Female Perspective


May 17, 2021
Female creators from across Europe share their thoughts and experience in making comics in their respective countries. What have been the challenges in their work, has anything changed in recent years and what are their hopes for the future? They also share how everyday life inspired many of their professional projects and how the comics medium helped them convey these stories.
These and other topics are discussed with Kaisa Leka (Finland), Johanna Maierski (Germany), Ingrid Chabbert (France), Judith Vanistendael (Belgium) and Luciana Cimino (Italy), on Friday, May 21, 2021.
Moderated by Dr. Lucia Cedeira Serantes (Assistant professor, The University of Western Ontario).

Watch the recording of the conference in full.

Here are the panelists at a glance:

INGRID CHABBERT, Scriptwriter (France)

Elma Comic Book Cover

JOHANNA MAIERSKI, Independent comics publisher & printer (Germany)

Johanna Maierski
Johanna Maierski

JUDITH VANISTENDAEL, Artist & scriptwriter (Belgium)

Judith Vanistendael Comic Book The Two Lives of Penelope Artist Writer Author
The Two Lives of Penelope
When David Lost His Voice Judith Vanistendael Cover Image

KAISA LEKA, Artist & scriptwriter (Finland)

Kaisa Leka
Russian Diaries

LUCIANA CIMINO, Comics writer and journalist (Italy)

Luciana Cimino
The Incredible Nellie Bly

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