Serbian publisher Darkwood specializes in publishing comics penned by authors from across the globe, as well as supporting works by domestic artists. Its mission is the popularization of quality comic books among a wide audience of readers, regardless of age, gender or genre-preference. In this mission, Darkwood is driven by three main principles: selecting comic books of the highest quality in terms of artistic, narrative and aesthetic value; publishing the selected works with both the highest technical standards and affordable prices; and attracting new generations of readers by conveying thought-provoking messages of comics masterpieces.

Through it all, Darkwood keeps in perspective the necessity to nourish the works of up-and-coming Serbian authors, as well as prevent the classics from the period of ex-Yugoslavia from being forgotten. In the years to come, the publisher will be striving towards increasingly supporting local artists.

Darkwood's creators


Yslaire Comics Writer Author Creator Mademoiselle Yslaire Artist & Scriptwriter


Marko Marković Artist & Scriptwriter


Miroslav Marić Scriptwriter


Vujadin Radovanovic Artist