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Three black police officers, two men and a woman, are sent to Biotope, an ecologically protected planet, to investigate a murder. When they arrive at the base, they are greeted by a particularly uncooperative group of scientists, who forbid them to go outside for fear of unbalancing the ecosystem. It’s the beginning of a difficult investigation in a hostile environment. Biotope is a police story told with dry wit and in a highly unorthodox fashion. The science-fiction setting is no more than an excuse to show what happens when individuals enter an entirely self-contained world, disrupting a closed system. Funny, unsettling, and treated with a superb and innovative graphic style, Biotope is a brilliant example of what the Poisson Pilote collection is all about.

  • Art by
  • Script by
  • Booktype Mainstream Comics
  • Genre(s) Crime & Mystery, Sci-Fi
  • Age rating 15+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Dargaud (France)

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