Elma – A Bear’s Life

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The legend says that only the daughter of Frigga, sorceress
of the kingdom, may save the world from the coming floods. But
for that to happen, Frigga has to entrust Elma to the forest, where
she must survive for seven years. If she succeeds, their world will
be saved and Elma will be reunited with her family. And so at birth,
Elma is left in the forest, in the care of a bear that she soon comes
to think of as her father. Despite their bond, the bear must keep
the promise he made to Frigga: on her seventh birthday, he will
guide Elma across the mountain to return her to her mother.

  • Art by
  • Script by
  • Booktype Children's & Family
  • Genre(s) Action & Adventure, Drama, Humor
  • Age rating 6+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Dargaud (France)

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