Extinctions: Twilight of the Species

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Two journalists travel to an island in the Arctic Circle where
scientists are searching for fossils of extinct animals. Like all
journalists, they have a lot of questions: how is it possible for an
entire species to completely disappear? Word has it that we’re in the
midst of a sixth mass extinction, but what exactly does that mean? How
did the first five happen? What is the scientific definition of an
extinction? Alexandre Franc adeptly illustrates the narrative by
Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu, a specialist in natural sciences and doctor
of biological oceanology. Panafieu, who has already authored a number of
popular science books, gives a clear explanation of what mass
extinctions are, cleverly comparing past extinctions with the one we are
witnessing now. The two authors present us with a clear, intelligent,
and lighthearted perspective on a fascinating phenomenon.

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  • Booktype Graphic novel
  • Genre(s) Non-Fiction
  • Age rating 15+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Dargaud (France)

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