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In 1960, after 80 years spent under Belgian colonial rule, Congo declares its independence. Less than two weeks later, the rich mining province of Katanga secedes. Immediately after the secession, Congo and Katanga enter into a war for the dominance of mining territories, including the diamond province, Kasai. The war is followed by civilian massacres and exoduses, at which point the UN intervenes and sends peacekeepers to the area. At the same time, though, a ruthless horde of mercenaries are recruited and sent there to liberate occupied areas. A black servant, Charlie, changes his own fate drastically by getting his hands on a priceless treasure, making him the most wanted man in Katanga…

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  • Booktype Mainstream Comics
  • Genre(s) Historical fiction
  • Age rating 15+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Dargaud (France)

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