Love Love Love

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Set against the backdrop of a dystopian future, Elle and Karel fall in love. The problem is, one of them is human and the other a robot. In a world where humans deny robots all humanity, can there be any future for a mixed couple? Will there one day be a robot revolution? In this strange society, the word “robot” is considered an insult and androids have no rights, not even free access to their updates. Crammed into ghettos, the oppressed robot community lives in the shadow of their programmed obsolescence. Among them is Karel, a comfort-bot whose batteries are recharged by the love he receives. When Elle and Karel’s paths cross, it’s love at first sight. But Karel’s life expectancy is running out… fast.

  • Art by
  • Script by
  • Booktype Mainstream Comics
  • Genre(s) Action & Adventure, Humor, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • Age rating 12+
  • Series ongoing
  • Publisher Dupuis (Belgium)

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