The Jewish Brigade

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In 1945, the war in Europe is over. Camp survivors have no homes to go back to and they want only one thing – to leave Europe. No country wants to welcome them. They could feel safe in only one place, a Jewish state that does not yet exist, though it had once been promised by the British. Without any hesitation, “displaced persons” are once again herded behind barbed wire. In some cases, they remain in the same camps from which they were supposedly liberated. A brigade forms along the frontiers of Italy, Austria and Yugoslavia, under the watchful eye of the British army. This brigade decides to do justice as it sees fit. Across Europe, the news spreads – a Jewish army in Europe! Armed Jewish soldiers! The brigade goes into action. It devotes itself to saving Jews and will stop at nothing. It is willing to go even further; tracking down Nazi war criminals not being a priority for the Allies, the brigade decides it will find them on its own. When it succeeds, it settles the score quickly and mercilessly.

  • Art by
  • Script by
  • Booktype Mainstream Comics
  • Genre(s) Historical fiction
  • Age rating 17+
  • Series complete
  • Publisher Dargaud (France)

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